Pop Top Vials

About The "pop top"

The “pop top” component of these container requires enough force to ensure child resistance, while still not being terribly difficult for adult consumers. Pop-Top Bottles are (CR) child-resistant containers that are fairly simple to open once you know-how. To open a pop top bottle, simply squeeze the top part of the Pop Top indicated, and the container should "pop" open

Holding flower or edibles

The Pop Top Dram Bottle or pop top jar, is a plastic container made specifically for holding flower or edibles. Our pop top containers come in a default opaque black or white so the contents within can remain hidden.

Multiple Dram Size

We have pop top bottles in multiple dram sizes to suit your needs. This includes a 13 Dram, 19 Dram, 30 Dram and 60 Dram.

Child Resistance

This container is also US 16 CFR 1700.20 certified. many types of pop top vials