Pre-Roll Tube

About The"Pre Roll Tubes"

The Pre Roll tube, also known as a doob tube, is a plastic joint tube made specifically for holding a variety of products such as joints, blunts, custom cones, and even vape oil carts.

Variety of Model

Each pre-roll tube is able to hold one to multiple pre-rolls per container depending on the size. We have pre-roll tubes of all colors. We also have pre-roll tube sizes in 95mm, 116mm, ..

Child Resistance

The “pop-top” part of our tube has enough resistance to ensure child resistance, while still not being terribly difficult for adult consumers. Pop-Top tubes are (CR) child-resistant pre roll containers that are fairly simple to open once you know-how. To open a pop top tube, simply squeeze the top part of the tube where indicated, and the container should "pop" open